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A Glutton for Punishment

Yep, I did it again. I took all four kids to the store. Alone. After work. And not only that – I took them 30 minutes away from home to that big box store I’ll lovingly nickname Crap-Mart. (I know, … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 5

I made it. The week is over and Daddy has returned home. Thank goodness, because we started at 6 a.m. here and it made for an extremely long last day. Peach was done. Woodchuck was done. I was done. All … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 4

Day 4, in which I turn into an emotional train wreck who is left wondering if there is something fundamentally wrong with my mental state and have I unknowingly passed it along to my toddler? We all had a smooth … Continue reading

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Tooth Fairy do over… If I have to…

Yes, you read that right. Except it should have been in a completely and utterly annoying whiny voice because that’s more like what it sounds like in my head. Turns out my daughter had another loose tooth after all. (Not … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 3

I don’t know what direction I want to take to make this post tonight. I had a fairly unremarkable day. All of the kids were good. No one had any major issues or meltdowns (me included). So, I think I’ll … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 2

… in which Momma loses her shit. <sigh> I knew I was in for it when I couldn’t get to sleep last night until about 1 a.m. Then Peach got me up at 2 a.m. Then Woodchuck got me up … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 1

Hubby is out of town for training this week, so I’m playing single mom. I think I’ll attempt to write a post each night recapping the major points of the day. You know, since I won’t have ANY other adults … Continue reading

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