I did actually go into work today. For 30 minutes. Long enough to chat with the boss and cover the shop while he went and grabbed the mail.

Now, I’m home and officially playing hooky from work today. Yay me! (So, what do I do? Get on my blog of course… sheesh!)

I wanted to write an ode to quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’), since I have a batch of it cooking right now, but apparently Peach is going to be happy with a 25 minute power nap this morning. <sigh>

Let’s see how far I can get, shall we? I have nothing better to do. (Laundry, dishes, cleaning, shower, etc.)

So, quinoa. I seem to be the only person in my house absolutely in love with this adorable little seed. And yes, it is a seed, not a grain. It has absolutely no real taste either which makes it the perfect pairing with strong flavored things such as feta and sun-dried tomatoes. (Yes, that would be my lunch today – can’t wait!)

Not my actual quinoa… but close! Yum!

It’s a powerhouse nutritionally speaking. 14% of it’s mass is pure protein. Plus, it’s gluten free and has a ton of fiber, magnesium, iron and calcium.

One of Peach’s favorite baby foods has been quinoa and pureed bananas. (Honestly, I think it’s pretty tasty too!)

Now, let’s yack a minute about cost. (Peach is starting to rattle the sides of the crib… she’ll be ready to get up in a minute…) I found quinoa to be very expensive at your big box stores and thought I would have to give it up forever. However, I persevered and located it at a health food store for $2.99/lb, so I stocked up. Buy wisely, or you will end up spending WAY too much on it. Quinoa is quinoa is quinoa.

That’s it – all I have time for this morning while I’m playing hooky from work. Everyone enjoy your day and if you have time between work, laundry, dishes, cleaning and OH YEAH being a mother – cook up some quinoa today. 🙂

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I want a soda… I want a balloon… I want a treat…

It’s 45 degrees outside tonight with an extremely brisk North wind.

So, of course it was Mass Band concert night at the High School football game.

My oldest son, G, plays the baritone. And he plays it WELL. Kind of hate to ‘lose’ him in the sea of other kids, but… how many baritone solos have YOU seen? Exactly.

Mass Band is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of just having the regular High School pep band perform, they combine 6th thru 12th grade bands and perform all together. It’s fun and a good excuse for everyone to make it out to a football game.

I have been dreading it all week and here’s why:

  1. Hubby will be working nights, therefore I will be taking all of the kiddos by myself.
  2. Game starts at 7p.m. and the kids don’t perform until half-time.
  3. Peach’s bedtime is at 7:30p.m. – about halfway to half-time.
  4. Today, Peach took a 25 minute afternoon nap. (That little gem almost brought me to tears when I heard her waking up.)
  5. Woodchuck will be out of control. That’s his nature.
  6. Woodchuck will be up late. That is NOT his nature.
  7. I will have to be friendly and cordial to people en masse. (I’m not really a people person. Factor in all the noise and confusion of trying to keep an eye on Woodchuck and I turn into a hot mess who doesn’t dare try to call people by their name because no matter how long I’ve known you, I will eff it up and call you the wrong name. Seriously.)
  8. Woodchuck will spend the entire time chanting whining “I want a soda… I want a balloon… I want a treat… I’m thirsty… I’m hungry…” (repeat x 3,000)
  9. Did I mention it was freaking cold? I had Peach snugged into the Moby and then wrapped up in coats and jackets and we were both STILL cold! (Never mind that I walked out of the house and forgot her hat and any and all blankets I usually keep stashed in the car!)
  10. I never get to go to G’s events. I always seem to miss them or make it and miss them because I’m busy with the smaller kids. I wanted to watch his performance.

Long story short – we made it. We all got home and thawed out via a few cups of warm milk and I managed to get everyone to bed fairly easily.

Oh, and G played the 1812 Overture. Well, the Reader’s Digest version at least! I think I can look forward to quite a few more of these performances.

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Random Musings – Thursday Edition

If you didn’t know, I work for a monument company. This saying was requested by a family for their infant son’s memorial and I fell in love with it. Come to find out… it’s not actually by Dr. Seuss at all.

Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened.

What ev. I still think it is a good reminder to try to stay positive and look on the bright side. No matter who wrote it.

    • Though sometimes attributed to Dr. Seuss without a citation of source, this is more often cited as merely an anonymous proverb.
    • This quote has been attributed to Gabriel García Márquez, in Spanish: “No llores porque ya se terminó… sonríe, porque sucedió.”
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Displaced Anger

I think I’m mad at Peach. Yes, my 9 month old.

I’m taking it out on my husband. Because how can you be mad at a baby, really?

I’m at a loss on what to do…

For the last week and a half, Peach has decided to no longer sleep through the night. But, that’s not enough. She’s blown the whole ‘sleeping well’ thing WAY out of the water. This girl is going to be big some day because when she does something, she goes WHOLE HOG.

She is getting me up at least 4 times a night.

She goes to bed around 7:30 p.m., waking up about 45 minutes later, then up again around 11pm, up for an extended amount of time around 2:30 and then again at 5 before rising at the unholy time of 6:30 a.m. (Factor in Woodchuck getting me up at least 1-2 times in there too and I’m starting to wonder if I should even bother to go to bed…)

I’m trying to wait her out and see what is going on, but I think I’m starting to have some serious depression as a side effect of the sleep deprivation. I’m freaking out about cancer, about money, about the opportunities my children aren’t getting, about what we’d do if something major broke around the house, etc. etc.

Any sane and logical words of advice?

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My Hubby Is Tough… Most of the Time

My husband is a State Trooper. Yes, really.

He’s tough. He’s had to deal with things you and I only have nightmares about.

But today, he had to walk out of the room.

His youngest baby girl was about to get her immunizations. I elected to be the one to hold her and keep her still. So, as soon as we were situated, he promptly saluted us, turned and walked out of the room.

Ok, so it didn’t go down exactly like that, but it was close.

This is seriously why I have the best husband ever. He’s just the right mixture of ‘hard as steel’ tough and ‘wrapped around his Peach’s finger’ sweet.

Oh, and Peach? She was fine a minute later.

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Rest In Peace, Sweet Lane

I avoided Facebook last night. I think I knew and just didn’t want to confirm it.

At 7:53 p.m. on Wednesday October 17th, I was busy putting Woodchuck to bed. The Cardinals were busy winning their game for Lane. My oldest daughter was busy taking a shower. My youngest daughter was sound asleep.

Normal everyday things.

My husband was busy working. My oldest son was busy watching tv.

Lane was busy dying. His valiant battle was coming to a close with a tight knit group of family surrounding him.

I’m so relieved that Lane no longer has to fight. He is free of his ‘monster’ and the battles of chemo, remission and relapse.

I’m also deeply saddened by his passing. I couldn’t sleep last night. I laid awake most of the night and thought of Lane, his mother, his father and his little brother. How were they coping with this sudden turn of events? How would I deal with such a situation?

Today, Prayers for Lane Goodwin came up with a perfect way to pay tribute to Lane. Instead of releasing balloons into the sky (with the potential of causing harm to wildlife), they have chosen to have participants bring gift cards to their vigil. These gift cards will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for children fighting cancer in the hospital where Lane was treated.

Please think about sending them a gift card in his honor, purchasing a Team Lane t-shirt, or simply by making a donation.

In Memory of Lane Goodwin, P.O Box 105, Beechgrove, Ky 42322

(They’ve also suggested simply taking a gift card to a local hospital with a pediatric oncology department in lieu of sending them to the Goodwin family.)

Thank you Lane for all you have taught us in your short time here. We’ll take up the torch now ~ We got this.

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Random Musings – Thursday Edition

It’s time again for my random musing of the week – Thursday edition!


isn’t necessary, its the stupid ones that need the advice.

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