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I’ve forgotten so much…

I’ve decided that if I would have stopped with one kid, I could have been a pretty freakin’ amazing mother. We played all the language tapes for our first born. He was fed only veggies and we always diluted his juice … Continue reading

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Of Washable Markers and Such

This is a story to help all you parents out there understand just how much your little kids watch and absorb everything you say and do. Night before last, I had the brilliant idea to draw targets on my shower wall … Continue reading

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Never Too Old For Momma Time

I still read with my 10 & 13 year olds before bed. Why not? We’re currently reading Anne of Green Gables. Once we’re done with it, we’ll move on to another classic. Tonight, we were going to skip reading. We … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

This is my Woodchuck. A 3 year old bundle of high speed, low drag toddler terror and unconditional love. He has my smile. He has my temper and short fuse. He has a little bit of my eyes. And he … Continue reading

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Tooth Fairy do over… If I have to…

Yes, you read that right. Except it should have been in a completely and utterly annoying whiny voice because that’s more like what it sounds like in my head. Turns out my daughter had another loose tooth after all. (Not … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 1

Hubby is out of town for training this week, so I’m playing single mom. I think I’ll attempt to write a post each night recapping the major points of the day. You know, since I won’t have ANY other adults … Continue reading

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Want, Need, Wear & Read

I’m actually attempting to do a little planning ahead for Christmas. (I know, shocking right?) I recently ran across a random parenting article that suggested the following: Something they want. Something they need. Something they wear. Something they read. In … Continue reading

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