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Ok, so the whole POM-Wonderful thing was taken. So, I’m titling this post POMazing because I’m in love with pomegranates.┬áIt’s a serious addiction. Thank goodness they aren’t easier to eat. I recently found a pomegranate in our small town grocery … Continue reading

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I did actually go into work today. For 30 minutes. Long enough to chat with the boss and cover the shop while he went and grabbed the mail. Now, I’m home and officially playing hooky from work today. Yay me! … Continue reading

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Thank you so much for being a follower!

I’m truly honored to receive this award today. I have now officially reach 20 followers. No, really, THANK YOU. You boost my ego. You give me that little thrill that an unabashed attention seeker is going for. So, to lighten … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 3

I don’t know what direction I want to take to make this post tonight. I had a fairly unremarkable day. All of the kids were good. No one had any major issues or meltdowns (me included). So, I think I’ll … Continue reading

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Single Mom Week: Day 1

Hubby is out of town for training this week, so I’m playing single mom. I think I’ll attempt to write a post each night recapping the major points of the day. You know, since I won’t have ANY other adults … Continue reading

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Musings of a Mom, Interrupted

Ok, so the ‘not a diet’ diet isn’t going so hot. And here are my ‘musings’ on the situation. I like to eat. I can control myself during the day. I cannot control myself in the evenings. I’m amazed by … Continue reading

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The “I’m not on a diet” diet…

As of yesterday I am officially not on a diet. I am also not eating everything I can shovel into my mouth. That makes this the start of my ‘not a diet’ diet. I think. For non-family reading along, let … Continue reading

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