Ok, so the whole POM-Wonderful thing was taken. So, I’m titling this post POMazing because I’m in love with pomegranates. It’s a serious addiction. Thank goodness they aren’t easier to eat.

Who knew my husband was such an artist? The pomegranate named Peach! (a.k.a. POM-Peachy-O)

I recently found a pomegranate in our small town grocery store and I was soooo excited! Our little grocer is movin’ on up now! Pomegranates! Wow!

Then I took it home. And went about the not-so-simple task of cleaning the arils out of the pulp. They looked sub-par. They were pale or translucent instead of the deep rich red.

Then a beautiful wonderful thing happened. They got in the POM brand of pomegranates. Holy WOW, what a difference! I am in pomegranate heaven!

Like little beautiful edible rubies!

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