My Peach is entering new territory…

Peach recently turned 8 months old.

Only Daddy can make us smile like that!

She has now reached a milestone that none of the other children had the opportunity to do due to my employment situation. She is the first and last to have the opportunity to continue nursing past 7 months old.

She has now entered unchartered territory.

Moms out there – think about this a little. This is my FOURTH child. There are VERY few things that are a first for me anymore. “What To Expect When Your 8 Month Old Is Still Nursing” is not a book I’ve found in my Nook library. (Not that I’d have time to read it anyway, but that’s another post…)

I keep hearing that the recommendation is that babies now nurse until 2 years. I’m ok with that. I think.

My hubby thinks it’s kind of wierd. My mother thinks she’s nursed long enough already.

I’m more of the opinion that Peach and I will wait and see what happens. Whatever length of time she and I decide to nurse is how long we’ll keep going.

But if Peach cuts me off tomorrow, I’m sure gonna miss my snuggle time.

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7 Responses to My Peach is entering new territory…

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m reading the 2 year thing everywhere too! My older children were 14 months and 16 months when weaned, and my little one is 12 months and still going strong. I am doing like you, waiting and seeing how it goes. I am not “planning” to go 2 yrs (though my dh is very supportive of it, if that’s what I decide to do), and I’m also not “planning” to wean him any time soon. Is your baby big into solids? My guy isn’t, but he’s liking things more and more lately. He just LOVES to nurse!! Even in the middle of the night still…;)

    • Thank you for reading Valerie!

      Peach is big on eating in general! She usually eats three meals a day and then snacks on her cheerios and yogurt bites throughout the day. Meals are usually one to two cubes of babyfood that I’ve made and frozen, but she’s starting to prefer things a little chunkier so I’ve been adding in cereal to her first purees.

      How old are your two oldest? Are you a SAHM?

      • Valerie says:

        Hi 🙂 Our older kids are 8 (boy) and 12 (girl). Yes, I’m a SAHM and we homeschool as well.
        Samuel (our one year old) loves wheat puffs and rice puffs cereal as well as yogurt. I was giving him plain yogurt with fruit (chunks of pears usually) until recently, when I started Stonyfield Organic “Yobaby” peach yogurt. It is full fat instead of low fat or fat free and he loves it! Idk if you make your yogurt bites or not, but I saw on Pinterest how easy it is! You just put little globs of yogurt on wax paper and freeze for a little while! It’s amazing how they melt in your mouth. Samuel has liked me making these. It’s so much cheaper than the ones marketed for baby in the stores! Whoa that baby stuff is expensive!! 😦 So, what’s her favorite puree? Oddly, Samuel loved green beans for a while! Now he won’t touch them. Go figure! haha

      • Happy for you! I work full time, but don’t think I could handle being a SAHM. At least full time. And I’d also LOVE to be able to homeschool, but again, I don’t think my sanity could handle that full time either!

        I thought about making the little frozen yogurt drops, and I might some day, but I love the portability of the freeze dried yogurt bites. Plus, I sneak a few in now and then – they’re tasty!

  2. Deni Lyn says:

    I can’t wait to hear about this adventure! Was not breast feeding but had the 16 mo-old in the Sleepy Wrap trying to get him to get in sleepy mode and he started pushing my face away. Ugh. Sure sign he wanted to go to sleep alone. And when I took him out of the wrap and placed him in his crib wide awake. . .not a peep. And when I left the room? Nada. Ouch! They grow up so fast! You are clearly a dedicated mother, props to you!

    • Ah Deni – be thankful for such an independent soul! I’ve never had one of those blissful children who can drift away on their own. Lots of miles walked and rocked here! LOL

      • Deni Lyn says:

        I know how fortunate we are. I was a notoriously bad sleeper myself so when Mac arrived I was braced for a continual serious bedtime situation. Seems he must (thankfully) take after his Father. 🙂

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