Entering Orbit, Space Cadet

Oh My. It was just one of those mornings.

I had a bad day yesterday. I was grumpy, depressed, pissed, tired, etc. Therefore, I didn’t get ANYTHING done last night to prepare for today.

So, let’s discuss my space cadet moments and the repercussions of my lack of organization.

  1. I forgot hubby is working days for the NEXT TWO WEEKS. That’s kind of a big deal. Full time days at work with Peach for me, full time days at daycare for Woodchuck. <sigh> Repercussion: not much, but Woodchuck doesn’t always handle naptime well at daycare.
  2. I didn’t pack lunches last night. Repercussion: I had 30 minutes this morning to get breakfast AND lunches made. No stress, right?
  3. I ate a ton of junk food last night. Repercussion: I had a high blood sugar hang over this morning and felt like crap.
  4. I stayed up late watching two episodes of Mad Men. Repercussion: I’m tired.
  5. Peach got up once last night and played in her bed for an hour after I fed her. Repercussion: I’m really tired.
  6. Woodchuck got up 3 times last night. T-H-R-E-E. Repercussion: I’m really, really, really tired.
  7. Woodchuck tried to get up at 5:45 this morning. I continuously sent him back to bed, finally allowing him to crawl in bed with me at 7 a.m. Repercussion: I think you get my point. Tired.
  8. And the crowning moment? Walking into Woodchuck’s daycare late to discover I forgot picture day. And of course I dressed him in sweatpants and a green t-shirt that is slightly too big. He needs a haircut. There were toddlers there in SUITS people. And I’m the mom who forgot and sent her son in sweatpants.

So, this is my confession on how I have been a complete and total space cadet here lately. Hopefully I snap out of it before I miss something really important.

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2 Responses to Entering Orbit, Space Cadet

  1. I am just incredibly impressed that you still found the energy, time, and mental wherewithall to document it–and laugh about it!

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