Die Fruit Flies, Die!

We have been overrun by fruit flies. It’s gross and embarrassing.

So, we’re fighting back.

This is simply a jar. With vinegar in it. And a drop of dish soap to kill the surface tension.

Yes, it’s THAT easy. (However, I did notice that a lot of them are using the rim as a hang out, so I’ve now covered it wtih plastic wrap with holes poked in the top in the hopes that I will trap them that way as well.)

Die fruit flies, die!

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3 Responses to Die Fruit Flies, Die!

  1. Bonnie says:

    Whoa, posted on Sept. 18 when it’s still the 17th. Back to the future?
    Maybe you should get rid of the fruit.

  2. That’s a thought Bonnie – but it’s still good, so I hate to throw it out…

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