Zucchini for Breakfast

After an extremely early start to the day courtesy of Peach (5:50am anyone?), I decided I could whip up a batch of zucchini bread for breakfast fairly quickly. Plus the early start to the morning would give it time to bake prior to work AND my kitchen could cool off before the heat of the day began.

Boy did I misjudge that whole train of thought.

So, I dove right in.

An hour later, I finally put my two loaves of zucchini bread into the oven with only a slim hope of getting to try them out before work. The optimistic side of me kept thinking “Surely those little loafs CAN’T take longer than 40 minutes. That will still give us 15 minutes to eat. We can do this!”

In reality…

Strike One: A dirty kitchen equals very little space to work.

The state of our kitchen is a constant battle. We cook, we eat, we have piles of dirty dishes, we clean and then start the whole cycle over. In an ideal world. Much more commonly, we haul a dirty toddler and sticky tired baby to the bathroom for cleanup time, then bath time, then bed. Then we look at the kitchen and think “I’ll pack up the left overs, get the dirty dishes to the sink and tackle the loading, unloading and hand washing tomorrow…” Even though I’m guilty of killing the planet one paper plate at a time, that still leaves everything else we use lying in wait.

Strike Two: An unfamiliar recipe is requiring the use of my mixer.

Ok, but that’s just going to add to Strike One, A LOT. And the mixing bowl and beater are going to be a sticky caked on mess by the time I have a chance to clean them.

Strike Three: Crap. I need more flour.

There’s not enough flour in the canister and my eggs, sugar and oil are going hog wild in the mixer. So, I dig around in the bottom of a cabinet that suddenly seems like the closet leading to Narnia and finally locate a bag of flour. I then have to dump the flour I started measuring back into the canister and start over because I’ve forgotten where I was at. As I’m almost done measuring the flour again, both Hubby and Woodchuck start talking to me at the same time and I have to start over. By the time I manage all of this, my eggs are about to form solid peaks and could probably be used as meringue.

Strike Four: (Oh, you mean I only get Three? This is my ball game folks.)

I poked the zucchini bread with a toothpick to check for doneness. It deflated. (YES, really.) I didn’t know that was possible with quick breads and am 100% sure this is directly related to Strike Three and the excessive amount of whipping my bread has been subjected to.

Strike Five: It took HOW long?

65 minutes later, I decide that enough is enough. The deflated loaves are coming out and if they are done they are done. If not, then there’s yogurt and toast in the fridge. Plus, it’s time to head out the door for work. Thankfully, Woodchuck is placated by the promise of zucchini bread for snack.

So, lesson learned. No new recipes during the week for breakfast. No mixer usage in the morning. No weekday quick breads no matter how much time I think I have, the name is a lie.

You know what though? The bread turned out pretty tasty. It was more like a light fluffy cake than a quick bread. Plus, I got to feed my children zucchini for breakfast.

And that look… the one you get when you tell them they’re eating zucchini… priceless!

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6 Responses to Zucchini for Breakfast

  1. Nice job of elevating a mundane event to a comical description of your hectic morning. Your heart was in the right place, despite the messy kitchen, the over-beaten eggs and having to fill the flour canister on the fly. Fun read!

  2. Sarah Harris says:

    We love zucchini break but the biggest thing I try to make in the morning is breakfast burritos. Simple and short time. I save baking for the weekend because I’m not a morning person and would rather sleep even over fresh bread.

    • Same thing here (usually!) – I really thought I could do it since I was starting so early! Lesson learned for sure!

      I love doing a big batch of burritos ahead of time and putting them in the freezer! Homemade in minutes via the microwave and I didn’t have to dirty a dish!

  3. LubbyGirl says:

    This has been the best one I’ve read so far for this challenge! I can SO see me doing this!!

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