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The “I’m not on a diet” diet…

As of yesterday I am officially not on a diet. I am also not eating everything I can shovel into my mouth. That makes this the start of my ‘not a diet’ diet. I think. For non-family reading along, let … Continue reading

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I’m a GOOD Mother!

Have you ever read any of the Scary Mommy blog posts? Have you ever posted an anonymous confession? Wow. I’m a fan even though I do admit that sometimes some of the confessions are a little… dysfunctional. (Ok, A LOT … Continue reading

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It’s Peach’s world – I just work in it…

Miss Peach has been back at work with me this week and I’ve been squelching the quiet (but VERY insistent) voice in the back of mind that keeps saying “What are you going to do when she gets older? Let me … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?

Just arrived at my parent’s house after a 2 1/2 hour car trip. Alone. With four kids. What the hell was I thinking? Did you see my previous post regarding the lack of sleep Peach has been getting at the … Continue reading

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I am Momma, her me roar…

I have a feeling that tonight’s post is just going to be one big rant fest. You’ve been warned. Fasten your seatbelts, this could get interesting. I’ve been a bit of a nervous wreck the past few days. But it … Continue reading

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Sincerely, Anonymous

<sigh> Can I please be completely and utterly anonymous for just one post? Just so I can bitch freely for a change? Isn’t that the whole purpose of an ‘anonymous’ blog – being able to write whatever strikes your fancy without … Continue reading

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I’m old.

I have gray. Lots and lots of gray. But I really don’t mind. I don’t spend the money to cover it up. I’m not that concerned about it. I’m starting to show lines and have aches and pains. I need … Continue reading

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