I’m Cheap AND Easy!

Well, I am. Hubby says so all the time. Now, get your mind out of the gutter, this is a quick kid fix!

Does your town still have a newspaper? I know… they are a dying breed. Run, don’t walk, and get down there as quickly as you can. Ask them if they have any end rolls for sale.

What are end rolls? They are the last few inches of GINORMOUS rolls of newsprint that they can’t use on the printing presses. Usually they are sold by how many inches of paper are left around the tube.

I am a fountain of useful (ok, so mostly useless) information. But I’m here to help when I can.

These end rolls are a great canvas for your kiddos when it is too hot, too wet, too cold, too ANYTHING to go outside. Here are Fred and Woodchuck tracing their feet and hands with crayons. (Be sure to tape it to the floor so it doesn’t slide around…) By the time they were done, this entire piece of paper was covered with beautiful artwork (and Mommy got a few minutes to herself to get the dishes done)!

Win ~ Win!

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